NSL Field Trials

GEP trials

NSL field trials received GEP (Good Experimental Practice) accreditation in 2017 and has a certification to conduct trials on Plant Protection Products for registration purposes. We perform high-quality trials, which are done according to the EPPO standards, the recommendations for the minimum requirements for a field trial on a specific crop-pest combination. We offer trial sites in the North-East EPPO zone.


Patrik Erlund
Manager, Study Director
Responsible for field trials conducted by NSL
Field Trials
Råd 2020
Grain analyzes
Crop production
Jasmin Lehti
Study Director
Study director for herbicie trials including GEP-trials
Field Trials
Martin Träskman
Tecnical manger, Field drainage planner
Technical manager concerning GEP-trials
Field drainagen planning
Field Trials
Sonja Träskman
Study Director (on maternity leave)
Study director for fungicide trials including GEP-trials
Field Trials