NSL Field Trials

The research organization is a fundamental part of NSL. We perform a broad spectrum of field trials in order to support the farm advisory service, the farmers and agricultural companies.

Nylands Svenska Lantbrukssällskap

Nylands Svenska Lantbrukssällskap is a farm advisory service that offers consultancy and advice service to farmers in the South of Finland, mainly in Swedish. In order to support the advisory service, NSL runs a research organization for agricultural field trials called NSL Field Trials. In connection to the trial station, there is a grain laboratory for analyzing the harvest, a service called NSL Lab.

The priority areas where we can help the farmers are crops and environment, dairy production, agricultural drainage, farm business and farm succession planning. NSL Field Trials focus on variety testing, GEP trials and testing of farming techniques and technologies. The trials are carried out in both conventional as well as organic fields. The grain laboratory, NSL Lab, analyzes grain quality parameters of the trial harvests and offers analyzing services to farmers and grain trading companies.